About The University Of Richmond

We are fortunate to live near the University of Richmond and enjoy walking around the beautiful campus.  It’s a great place to take photos of trees, birds, lakes and architectural wonders like the recently dedicated Carole Weinstein International Center.  Here is a photo of a stained glass work of art given to the school by a great friend of our family F. Carlyle Tiller.


We also enjoy taking classes through the Osher Institute and watching some of the many athletic contests on campus.  The new football stadium is a marvelous facility and we can open a window on a cool fall afternoon and listen to the fans cheer the Spiders on to victory. One day I realized that I love this place a whole lot more than my own alma mater, Boston University. It is not so impersonal a place and the campus is much more attractive.

You could not ask for friendlier neighbors and it starts at the top with President Ayers who encourages my blogging efforts.  He has the heart of a teacher and cares deeply about every individual as well as bringing people together.  All of this can be seen in his work  The Valley of the Shadow:  Two Communities in the American Civil War.

Here are some other photos I have taken at the University. They are available in larger frames over at http://myfotobuzz.com

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