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Photo Friday / Men

I’ve been doing a few photo memes lately. They are always fun and don’t take a lot of creative energy (I’m wiped after the horrific events of the past few days up in New England). This photo is of a man and his son (I presume) doing some climbing with a rope (what’s that called?) near the Appalachian Trail here in Virginia. Watching him teach his son I was impressed by how dangerous this can be if you don’t pay attention to details. You have to be focused.

But these are the things that men, and women, enjoy doing. I can see trying it sometime (with some expert advisers nearby!). But I would have a difficult time because I would be thinking about the equipment. Stuff breaks, after all! I’ve seen it break! And I would not be aware of the history of the equipment that was keeping me from plunging onto the rocks below. I would have to TRUST the people who took care of the equipment (who I probably wouldn’t know very well). And that would be difficult.

So it might be awhile before something like this happens. . .

But I’m still hiking and enjoying nature. And, to a lesser degree, you have to trust the folks you take with you into the woods. And trust the hunters (out there) won’t mistake you for a deer (hopefully). And yourself (pay attention!).






Sports And Cabers / Photo Friday

The Photo Friday Challenge this week is “Sports”.  So let’s think about sports for a few seconds.  How many different sports do you think there are in the world?  The answer is over 8000 according to Ask.com..  There are around 3000 entries in the World Sports Encyclopedia.  The first entry is for AIZKOLARIS, a basq. lumberjack competition that involves chopping large logs with an axe!


I have a photo of something that is at least superficially similar involving throwing logs in an open field.  The poles are called cabers. This is a Scottish sport and the guys like to wear kilts while throwing wood around so it’s all very unusual in this part of the world.

And entertaining.  We went to a Caber toss competition awhile back and had a good time.


You want to be careful if you are just starting out tossing cabers however. Practicing in the backyard could result in some damage to your roof or your neighbor’s fence. Where do you get a caber? Seems like there are quite a few of them lying around due to the recent storms that have led to power outages across Virginia. So if you see a guy walking down the street in a kilt he’s probably looking for cabers.


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The Sea Levels They Are Rising / Prepare to Man The Lifeboats / Photo Friday “Downward”

The photo challenge at Photo Friday this week is to represent “downward” visually. And here we have a dredger at Virginia Beach moving sand around to fix a couple of things. First, it is located in Rudee’s Inlet as it removes the sand that would eventually prevent boats from getting in and out of the bay. It sucks up sand much as I used to suck up to my college professors in order to navigate the corridors of higher learning. Then it sends the sand back down the beach where erosion will eventually destroy the boardwalk and the buildings if you let it happen. Much of the sea water is simply returned to the ocean in the process we see in this photo.

Sea water going downward.

All of this, of course, is much like doing something to relieve oneself into the wind as sea levels are rising at an increasing rate. We can see this happening here at home in the Chesapeake Bay where communities are no longer habitable in some places. Here’s a short video describing the rate of sea level change.


But let’s not get too disturbed about that! Here’s another video with a charming soundtrack demonstrating how land mass around the world will change in the event sea levels rise to a certain level. I want to thank the person(s) who made this video for not dwelling on sea rise in the U.S, in general, and particularly on the east coast, say, around Virginia Beach. Although, it is clear we are all F’ed if the oceans rise 80 meters.


How did I get from a photo meme about “downward” to drowning while I’m getting a sun tan a good distance from the surf? No idea. But it does seem like a good thing to keep in mind as we go down the road.

Photo Friday / Portraiture / Permalink Changes For Better Performance

I’ve really done a lot of photo meme posts this past week. They are fairly easy to do. I also found a new theme, Weaver II, which allows someone who doesn’t play with CSS to make many theme adjustments and alterations. You can also give your blog different looks and styles, with predominantly dark colors to white to turquoise with a couple of clicks. The pro version is only 30 dollars and it includes many more options. I’m a happy camper.

I also changed the permalink structure without too much of a problem. WordPress recently added a Postname setting option (dashboard/settings/ permalinks) which makes things a whole lot easier. It automatically does redirects too, so I was able to ditch the dates (day, month, year) in the URL and, hopefully, make older posts more accessible in the search engines. Let’s face it, my posts are timeless! Or, at least, it doesn’t matter much if they are three or four years old. Especially photos like the one posted here for Photo Friday, Portraiture. This is my granddaughter, Joy, who I rarely see, unfortunately.

Here’s an excellent conversation about permalinks for anybody who wants to get down in the weeds. Thanks to WordPress for addressing some of the issues discussed here in their recent updates. http://digwp.com/2011/06/dont-use-postname/.

I miss this little girl. We don’t see her or her brother and sister very much. And they grow up so quickly.

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