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University Of Richmond Baseball/ Earthquakes (Again) In Japan/

It’s time for some Spider Baseball! The University of Richmond baseball team had an eleven game win streak going until George Mason came to town and beat them yesterday. Both the Spiders and Patriots now have 11-4 records. And college baseball continues here on Friday when the Princeton Tigers try to demonstrate some Ivy League superiority.  Good luck!

I definitely need to get over there this weekend and take some photos. Everyone is fixated on college basketball with March Madness in full swing but U of R is not going anywhere on the hard court. Last year they made it to the sweet sixteen round! So there’s room for baseball here in Richmond this year. The forecast is calling for sunny weather in the 70’s and 80’s with scattered T-storms this weekend.
And there are reports of a 6.8 earthquake off the coast of Japan! Yikes. I noted yesterday that we were having dreams about earthquakes and here they are! Thankfully there are no reports of any major damage or injury. No tsunamis. There have been thousands of aftershocks since the devastating quake last March. So when there are news reports you have to assume this one is worse. Can you imagine living in a place where there are thousands of tremors happening? That’s like every day! That’s like every time the wind blows the ground shakes!
That’s like it’s time to get out and move someplace where things are more solid. Where’s that? I have no idea. Apparently they are not even solid here in Virginia. Last summer our house shook like an old washing machine. The earth is acting like it wants to shake us off like water on a wet dog.

“Like” is the word of the day, blogging fans. Like it’s time to say goodnight. Or, good day! In any case it’s time to enjoy the weather and baseball as the cherry blossoms burst onto the scene early and the ground trembles with delight. That’s fine. Just as long as it doesn’t get too excited! No one would like that.

University Of Richmond In Sweet Sixteen Round NCAA Congratulations Spiders


This evening the University of Richmond Spiders beat Morehead State University to advance to the 16 round in college basketball!  This is so cool.  I have written about U of R and taken quite a few photos over there in the past few years for the blog.   B and I are members of the Osher program for Seniors who want to continue to exercise their brain cells on a part-time basis.

So I’m attached to the place and feel like it’s our team that won tonight!  Just about every night I drive within maybe five hundred feet of the Robins Center where the basketball team plays their home games.  Their fans like to park in our neighborhood so they don’t get caught up in the campus traffic after the game.  There is one turn, perhaps one of the worst turns ever made in the history of public road construction, that is EVEN WORSE  with cars parked all over it.

So what am I saying?  I’m saying that I LOVE the basketball team.  They don’t mess up our neighborhood with their BMW’s and their Escalades during the games.  They park them next to the gym!   I’m saying that I don’t love all of  their fans and they should park somewhere else!

I’m not going to dwell upon it because there are more important things to think about tonight.  There’s supposed to be a “Super Moon” out there and it would be nice to get a photo of it.  The articles says it’s going to be visible around sundown but I was just out there at sundown trying to navigate that turn I told you about and it was not showing its super stuff off.   Anywhere!

How is this possible?  It looks pretty clear out, but wait, the article says that it should be a VERY clear sky in order to see it.  I bet that’s the problem.  It’s hiding in some mist.  Maybe it will be brighter later when it is higher in the sky.  Wouldn’t it be great if it was so large it encompassed about half the sky?  That would stir things up down here on earth.

We wouldn’t be worrying about traffic issues if our neighbor started heading this way!  Would I worry about taking a picture of the moon if it looked like it was returning to earth and probably going to flatten everybody on THIS SIDE in a few hours.  Yes.  I would take photos AND I would try to figure out if maybe due to the rotation of our planet the moon would miss Richmond, Virginia.

Then I would buy some Vodka and a pack of Marlboro’s.  And then I would go find Beth and thank her, once again, for all the great times.  Because, even if the moon missed us, it’s pretty clear that life would be over for awhile.   And how did I get on this subject anyway?

It must be the events of the past week in Japan.  I was having trouble writing anything and now I’m still having trouble writing without moving in the direction of some cataclysm or another.  I’m a wreck, perhaps, but the vodka is still in the store where it belongs and I’ve lost almost ten pounds.  And the Spiders are in the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA tournament.

And I made it around that curve while looking for the moon and nothing bad happened.

Small favors are definitely appreciated in this environment!  Go Spiders!

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