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Morning At Virginia Beach / PhotoSunday /

The theme this week at PhotoSunday.com is Morning. And I took this photo on an early morning walk last week. I really like the colors and the way the three volleyball nets are nestled one within the other. Early morning light can often be a gift as well.


I was fortunate to see my son, Jeremy, and his lovely wife, Sarah, while down at the beach. Here’s a photo of them that is pretty good actually. It deserves a place somewhere outside the thousand of photos in storage somewhere.



And finally, here is a photo of a very suspicious crab. Jeremy and I invaded his space one evening when we went out to view the tall ships anchored in the Chesapeake Bay.

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  1. Lowell

    Really good photographers, I’m told, get up early (before sunrise) and then after sunrise they go back to bed. They get up when the late afternoon sun makes its appearance. They know that photography is all about light and the morning and evening provide the best light for pictures! So, you must be a really good photographer!

    And indeed, you take lovely photographs. Now if you could catch some early morning butterflies in those volleyball nets, well, that would be something!

    You have a very handsome son and daughter-in-law. As for the crab: I’d be crabby if you came shuffling into my house with sand all over your feet, too! :-)


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