Walking, losing weight and taking photos of life in Virginia.


Sometimes, links don’t work (if you were redirected here)!  Sorry!  But, as long as you are here, I hope you will look around. .


Virginia Photos dot net is a five year old blog that crashed and burned on another server in 2011. I was playing around in the Cpanel one day (when I was still enjoying vodka on rainy afternoons) and managed to explode it! So I started over with Bluehost after giving up the spirits and instituting a walking program. I plan to make it (the blog? me? who knows!) better than before!   One of the things to do is find some cool links to other blogs!


This blog is about life in Virginia and, particularly,  the life of the urban dweller who enjoys going out to the mountains or the beach.  We spend a lot of time at Virginia Beach and I enjoy the Appalachian Trail (my wife draws the line here).  I take lots of photos and hope you will take a look at some of them.  Please comment if you feel like it.  Stick around and we will see where our adventures (and lives) take us.


Good luck with your blogging as well (if you pursue this) and be sure to let me know if you have any “walking adventures”!


before diet

(Before I began walking in August 2011)


2 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Mitch

    David –
    I feel your pain, I’ve had sever crashes too. I really like your work, nice compositions and you have a great eye for color. My photo blog has been running for just over four years as well. Please take a look. I’d like to exchange links, I will add your link to my site.
    – Mitch

    • David

      Good deal Mitch. I added your link. I like the subject matter of your photos. We have an urban area around here too and I’ve been meaning to get away from nature for awhile and try something different. So it’s encouraging to see what you have done here. David.


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