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I Don’t Care Much About Blogging

I have not added any posts for a month.

Never mind.

It just seems too much like politics to me. Everyone has a group of followers. I had a group of followers. Most of them have probably left by now. . . Maybe they still come around. But you never know! They don’t comment much!!

People don’t comment much. I don’t comment. We can read something and have thoughts about it. Maybe even happy thoughts. But we don’t write them down. And then, the writer who helped us have those thoughts has NO IDEA! No feedback. Did anybody read this?

I have no idea. But once in a great while I look at what I have written. I especially look at the poetry. And I think “this is great” or “this sucks” and then I remember all the years that have gone by and all the moments, the work, the inspiration that somehow emerged from a fat person (I have lost a lot of weight). And I affirm that I (sorry about all the “I’s) will never, ever let this blog go unto digital heaven. It will be resubscribed every year until your blogging buddy is DONE. Because, I would like parts of it to be at the funeral home up on a screen (hopefully if we have some nerdy types available to make it happen). Or, at least, it will be online so that, perhaps, someone will look back and see . .


Yes. . . he had a life. We can appreciate that for a moment. And then, off we go.

Yes, off we ALL go. And I (sorry, once again) will be somewhere after a nice break from “I” and (hopefully) a time of peace in the NOT “I”.

I’m almost there now. And I don’t care about followers or numbers or anything that has to do with groups. Because it’s not about groups. Unless you are a politician. It’s about the Universe and each of us. And the universe will decide who connects with us. Each of us.

There are children in the world at this moment who are eating dirt and nobody cares about them. Except the Universe. And, of course, we care about them even though we have no idea who they are . . . We care about them in a general sense.

And nobody keeps track of those stats. We just care for each other. We love the little children. But blogging doesn’t really matter. There are traces of brilliant light everywhere. Yes, even here. But I wouldn’t worry about it. Just be alive. Social media is not where it’s at. The universe cares about us. Social media doesn’t give a crap what we do.

It’s just an art form and a way to express things. For the record.

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  1. Sonja

    David, you’re right. Social media is not inherently important. We write for many reasons and, hopefully, the main reason we write is for ourselves. And not in a self-absorbed kind of way but as our form of self-expression. You put it out to the Universe and that’s the gift you give.


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