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From Walking To Jogging / A Different Perspective On Aging

I decided to run this morning. It was so wonderfully cool and dry out there. I’ve been walking for over a year now and generally follow a route through our neighborhood for 6, 8 or even 10 miles. But I have a dream. I would like to compete in a half-marathon and do it in 12 minute miles.

For the past year I’ve generally walked 16 or 17 minute miles. If you walk around you can usually go three or four miles in an hour. So that’s what I did. I was trying to shed fat. And I did that. But, something else happened as well. About six or seven months ago I was down at the beach doing this on the boardwalk when I saw an older guy doing the same thing. Except that he was jogging. He was several years older than me. Probably he was 70 years old although you can be fooled easily when trying to estimate the ages of some of these oldsters.

He was dressed only in a pair of running shorts and his skin glistened with sweat. He was very thin. And I thought. . . he looks so cool. He looks like something a sixteenth century Renaissance painter would produce. He looks like a saint. And he was jogged a long, long ways.

This guy has been a bright image in my memory for many months now. And I want to do what he is (hopefully) doing. I want to jog a long ways down the road. I want to run a half-marathon in about two and a half hours. I did it in 3.4 hours last November after walking for just a few months. And it took several days to recover. This year should be better. And next year too. I’m not concerned about how long it takes. My major interest is to discover how one can blunt the aging process with daily exercise (walking).

So today I jogged on the flat surfaces or when I was going downhill. I walked pretty fast the rest of the time. And I didn’t push it. It’s all about having a relaxed mind and body. It’s all about allowing this process to happen naturally….in “good time” as the old expression goes. And I finished 8 miles six minutes under 2 hours. That’s almost 8 fourteen minute miles.

I felt great afterwards. It’s important to feel good when you are done for the longevity of the project. I’m not trying to suffer out there. I’m trying to understand my body and teach my mind how to work with it.

This is how I intend to deal with the aging process. This is how I intend to “grow old”.

It makes that process, somehow, a lot more interesting.



A year ago. . .

Virginia Beach Volleyball / East Coast Surfing Championship

I was down at Virginia Beach this past weekend and decided to check out the surfers and the volleyball players.  For starters the placed was packed.  I’ve never seen it so crowded due, no doubt, to the fact that there were skate boarding and sand football areas set up as well as the other sports activities.

Watching people on the boardwalk was fascinating too.  We are very, very close to the point where folks just walk around in their birthday suits around here.  And this is Virginia!  I cannot imagine what it must be like in, say, Miami, or Sand Diego.

It doesn’t bother me one way or the other since I’m over sixty and misplaced my libido on the train sometime ago.  They say you start losing testosterone after forty and so everybody wants to sell you some these days!  One of the sales pitches is that it somehow causes us to lose weight (as well as regain a Tarzan-like appetite for Jane).

I’m sorry but it’s just too much trouble and expense.  Walk every day, lose weight and I’ll throw in a nice cholesterol drop for free.   Jane can go shopping with all the money you save and you can avoid a lot more trouble down the road.

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A Hiking Detour / Walking Away From Moods

Well, I’m not in the greatest mood this morning.  I got an email from George who was the tail gunner on our hike last weekend and he says I shouldn’t do the hike this weekend.  I’m having too much of a problem going uphill.  SOB!  No, not George, he’s a very nice person.  It’s shortness of breath.  Everything else is copacetic.  But there is a better hike coming up in September that only has 1000 feet of elevation (this one has 2000 feet) and it goes up to the highest peak in Virginia, Mr. Rogers.  Oh wait, that’s Mt. Rogers.

So I went out this morning and walking 8 miles to deal with the disappointment and frustration over this setback.  My timing sucks.  I should have been doing this 20 years ago but I wasn’t in the right place back then.  The less said about that the better.

It may all have to do with electrolytes and we will be exploring that in the next six weeks.  I’m going to walk around here with a pack and drink lots of water mixed with these Nuun tablets. We will focus on the steep hills and see what happens.

I really am an angry, old man it seems and walking seems to help.  Moods don’t help us much.  They need to be destroyed, driven into the ground.  Then we can enjoy the sparkling clarity of reason as well as love, peace and understanding. 

Here’s a photo of a young man doing the best thing for his health and peace of mind.


Restless Legs Of Richmond / Reaching Out / Being Bold

Alright. It’s time to write another post. I’ve been busy lately doing different things. There is the walking every morning for about 2.5 hours. That’s a given. And then there are these Meetup groups. Get your sorry butt out of the house and do something! These things are sprouting like weeds everywhere in the US and they are the next step when it comes to social networking. Look into my eyes! That’s right, we are talking about person to person contact. Social gatherings. And the nice thing (it seems to me) is that people have developed a certain level of social intercourse, ie manners, on FB (or wherever) so when you are sitting around the table (or hiking up the side of a mountain) with a group of strangers it’s all pretty civil, nice even.

It’s not like high school in other words. So I’ve been doing that and then, one day recently, decided to start a Meetup group that will focus on walking and RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome), my two major deals. Because I’ve reached a good point regarding “the syndrome” and realize it can be stabilized and subdued with just a few dedicated steps.


And this one will continue to press forward. Coming up soon there’s a Meetup with the Central VA Trailblazers up in the Shenandoah National Park. It includes an 11 mile hike with a large pack and a lot of elevation that will be a real challenge. I hope to take some photos. Hopefully this adventure will turn out well for all of us.

Sports And Cabers / Photo Friday

The Photo Friday Challenge this week is “Sports”.  So let’s think about sports for a few seconds.  How many different sports do you think there are in the world?  The answer is over 8000 according to Ask.com..  There are around 3000 entries in the World Sports Encyclopedia.  The first entry is for AIZKOLARIS, a basq. lumberjack competition that involves chopping large logs with an axe!


I have a photo of something that is at least superficially similar involving throwing logs in an open field.  The poles are called cabers. This is a Scottish sport and the guys like to wear kilts while throwing wood around so it’s all very unusual in this part of the world.

And entertaining.  We went to a Caber toss competition awhile back and had a good time.


You want to be careful if you are just starting out tossing cabers however. Practicing in the backyard could result in some damage to your roof or your neighbor’s fence. Where do you get a caber? Seems like there are quite a few of them lying around due to the recent storms that have led to power outages across Virginia. So if you see a guy walking down the street in a kilt he’s probably looking for cabers.


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