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Restless Legs And Breathing Exercises/ Pendulum/ Under The Waves


I’ve been waking up with small headaches lately and I’m not sure why this is happening.  I’ve been doing some house cleaning so maybe that’s the reason (house = body).  I wouldn’t talk about prescription drugs, or alcohol or any of the things we sometimes use if it was just my solitary experience.  But lots of folks deal with these issues.  So, I try to add my observations in hopes that it may help someone.

My goal is to use no-thing that could block an experience of physical calmness.  And, of course, at the bottom of that well is the restless legs issue (also something that affects maybe 10 percent of the population).  I’ve been doing breathing exercises and am learning something about how the body responds to them.

If you are a restless legs sufferer consider this. . .When these hideous vibes start I find it helpful to lay (lie?) absolutely still on a comfortable surface (that would be the bed).  The vibes come in waves and it’s important to break this up.  Because the waves get bigger as they hit the shore (you or me)!  While absolutely still I take a deep breath, tense my leg muscles (but don’t move) and then let it out.  The level of tensing is important.  I want to do this just enough to eliminate this particular “wave”.   Everything is easier if you start all of this when the RLS first begins its attack.

Then (and this is very important too) it’s important to relax mentally.  Relax the mind and the legs.  We did, after all, just repeal a wave!  There will be more but it’s no  good to tense up in anticipation of the next one.  You could call this a self-fulfilling prophecy, I guess, if you do.  Mind is an integral part of the problem and the solution.  Use it wisely, and it will be your friend.  Ignore what it is doing and you may suffer the consequences.

In connection with this notion it can be very helpful to imagine a ball or a cloud of healing energy above the body.  Make it very real and powerful.  Fill it with sparkling light.  Then let it feed into you body and clean out what is in there.  I am actually able to feel a physical effect in my legs when I do this.

And, finally, here is the part I find most difficult to describe (but I will try so stay with me).  We are made up of three things: a physical body, a mind and a spirit (soul).  Try now to identify those three things.  The first is easy, the second only a bit more difficult and the third can be tricky.  When I want to identify my soul I simply close my eyes and focus on it.  I try to ignore bodily discomfort and the chatter of the mind.  I immediately feel expansive and this feeling increases the longer I persist in doing this.  Breathing exercises also help.  Prayer and meditation help.

Sometimes, I get up and walk around.  Thankfully, nature has given us this “safe-zone” to put RLS at a little distance without much difficulty.  Although, it can be difficult to get up and walk around, if you are dog tired or very overweight.  This is one reason why I walk every day and have lost 50 + pounds.  Another is (although I didn’t realize it at the time) you are better able to deal with physical discomfort if you have been exercising.  You are more patient as you try to work these things out.  You don’t “give up” and turn to the prescription “solution”.

Presently, after only a few weeks, I have found that I am able to prevent the RLS from turning into “big waves”.  When it starts up, I am able to eliminate the little waves in a short time while resting comfortably.  The legs still feel tentative for awhile (but this is also the mind “at play”) .  I may get up and do some activity while in this state.  But then I find that the episode has passed and all is well. 

This is a big achievement for me!  And I share it with other RLS folks hoping it may help  someone.  I continue to purify my intake of foods and am now giving up beer and nicotine lozenges (gave up smoking last January). I haven’t been able to give up the actual medication for RLS, called Requip, at this point but we will see. All the other stuff, that I would characterize as “crutches” to deal with the scourge are on their way out the door.

Hopefully I will get my butt out to a yoga exercise meetup group soon.  The healing energy inside the human body is enormous, I believe.  I can’t help thinking my spirit guides have something more in store regarding this whole process and it may be that the RLS I’ve had for 12 years was simply a learning tool of some sort.

But all I know, for sure, is that it works and I feel this energy around and inside me. I have an exciting goal in mind.  One that it is not clear I will ever achieve (deep physical peace inside at all times without the use of any substances).   Occasionally,  this energy catches on fire and tries to light the trees while I’m walking.  This is a joke (sort of).   But imagination is also an important part of our lives and it will get help us solve our problems in some very imaginative ways.  As well as giving us a needed lift!   LOL.  Have a great day.

Note: This is a refinement of my initial attempt to find exercises that would help with RLS in September 2011. I had some success there but it was only a “hint” of what is possible in this area. Also, I was still smoking and would sometimes go out for a few drags when things got rough.

Restless Legs Of Richmond / Reaching Out / Being Bold

Alright. It’s time to write another post. I’ve been busy lately doing different things. There is the walking every morning for about 2.5 hours. That’s a given. And then there are these Meetup groups. Get your sorry butt out of the house and do something! These things are sprouting like weeds everywhere in the US and they are the next step when it comes to social networking. Look into my eyes! That’s right, we are talking about person to person contact. Social gatherings. And the nice thing (it seems to me) is that people have developed a certain level of social intercourse, ie manners, on FB (or wherever) so when you are sitting around the table (or hiking up the side of a mountain) with a group of strangers it’s all pretty civil, nice even.

It’s not like high school in other words. So I’ve been doing that and then, one day recently, decided to start a Meetup group that will focus on walking and RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome), my two major deals. Because I’ve reached a good point regarding “the syndrome” and realize it can be stabilized and subdued with just a few dedicated steps.


And this one will continue to press forward. Coming up soon there’s a Meetup with the Central VA Trailblazers up in the Shenandoah National Park. It includes an 11 mile hike with a large pack and a lot of elevation that will be a real challenge. I hope to take some photos. Hopefully this adventure will turn out well for all of us.

Attention/ Aliens Are Coming/ The PK Man And The Blogger/ Flossing Can Be Rewarding

“There is just something distasteful about cramming my fingers in my mouth to floss my teeth. This product is great and I hope Reach continues to support it.”
–Courtney S. Putnam “C.S. Putnam” (Hooper, UT)
Right you are, Courtney! But I cannot decide whether to lay out the bucks to buy these things. Ten bucks for 56 of these little critters? This seems like a lot. Yet each one will probably last three or four days so, let’s see, that’s about a six month supply. And you don’t have to stuff your fingers in your mouth. Flossing is such a pain but definitely worth it once the task is finished. I couldn’t find these at the Rite Aid yesterday. But here they are!

I did find some Daytime Cold and Flu medicine for this rotten cold but it’s not working very well. It almost seems like it is making things worse. Sometimes I have these odd reactions to medications. They do the exact opposite thing. The wrong thing. Pain medication makes the headache worse, for example. Restless legs medicine gives me a case of the jumpy legs.

Does anybody else have this problem? It’s probably not a good idea to ask that question. It could lead to an increased sense of isolation. “Yes, you are totally weird, Mr. Blogger.”

Moving on and changing subjects. Here is something I found on Facebook a few days ago.

It’s a classic! We are just so full of ourselves sometimes. But we are all still here, so what does that say? Although things have been getting a little strange in the “aliens” sphere of things lately.

Last summer I read a book entitled The PK Man about Ted Owens, the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest psychic”. I was doing some weather related experiments because idle time truly is the devil’s workshop. And then, we had the earthquake. I was sitting on the balcony, many  stories up in the air, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, when it started to sway back and forth. That was the beginning of the end of my journey into Ted Owens’ territory. It freaked me out. I couldn’t help but consider the possibility that this jolt was related to Ted and his purported alien spacecraft parked somewhere in earth orbit.

It’s all in this book by Jeffrey Mishlove, PH.D. Parapsychologist. I emailed Mr. Mishlove about my findings but he has apparently moved on to other interests. Or, at least, he was not interested in my “findings”. And, neither was I after the quake.

But we did have a few interesting, positive results prior to August 23. There was a tropical storm bearing down on Haiti and it made a sudden turn away from all those poor people in their tents. There was a swamp fire down near Norfolk that was polluting half the state with smoke and a hurricane put it out in short order. And we called for, and got, a week of superb weather (the smoke went the other way before it was put out) here in Richmond for the U of R orientation. I mean the weather was perfect for a week in the middle of August, for Pete’s Sake! And there was a freaking swamp fire burning out of control down the road! (more…)

Restless Legs Syndrome / Exercise / Dealing With The Vibes

Here are a couple of things that I have found very helpful in dealing with restless legs, the uncomfortable vibe that keeps millions of folks up at night and makes them crazy.  First of all, taking Veglife  Vegan Iron Chewables every day seems to help.  And here’s an exercise that is also beneficial:

Get in a comfortable position on your side in the bed.  You want to be able to have contact with the sheet on your lower leg below the knee.  Gently move your legs in an arc for about five seconds.  Now (and this is the important part) count to 10 or 15 and do it again.  The idea is to interrupt the RLS cycle.  The discomfort seems to come in waves of increasing intensity so we want to interrupt this.  If the vibes reoccur before you get to 10 or 15 then count to 5 or 6.

The good news is that by moving your legs prior to having these uncomfortable feelings we prevent them for awhile.  And by doing this exercise ten or fifteen times we take control of the situation in a relaxed position.  The vibes won’t intensify.  Will they go away for the rest of the night?

Maybe.  Or maybe not.  Medication may be needed.  Repeats may be required.  But I cannot tell you how important it is to take control of the situation.  Just laying there (or lying there, which is it?)  waiting for the the next round is not an option!  And too many people do this.  I used to do it.

 So let’s take control of this beast.  RLS “victims” are called night walkers.  My suggestion is that we learn to walk during the day and sleep at night.  Walk miles every day and lose weight.  You will feel better, sleep better at night and possibly even lessen the RLS situation.

And it will seem less of a drill to do this exercise.  Carry on!

Adventures At NorVa/ Grace Potter And The Nocturnals/ Hurricane Irene/ Survival Of The Fittest Seating In Virginia


Yesterday Betsy came down to the beach and we went for a long walk along the shoreline. It was a beautiful day with great waves for the surfers and lots of folks enjoying their summer outing in the warm water along the shore. B has been taking these walks in the sand for awhile now. She got in shape before I started and now we are able to do this together. So off we went and did the three miles in about an hour.

Later in the day we packed everything up and headed to Norfolk for the Grace Potter and the Nocturnals performance at NorVa. We had never been here so it was a small adventure. We tried to get our tickets at Will Call but they were not there yet. A helpful employee did tell us we might be able to get them around back at the Jewish Mother Restaurant. Well, they didn’t have them either but a helpful employee there told us that if we had dinner at the Jewish Mother we could get into NorVA 15 minutes earlier than the general public and be “up front”.

So we had a nice dinner. I ordered prime rib but it turns out there wasn’t any or there was some but it was unavailable for cooking or they had not completed the rituals associated with the sacrifice of the cow.   So I ordered another kind of steak because I was really starting to feel the need for protein. Because it was becoming more apparent to me that there is not much seating associated with NorVa. It’s more of a survival of the fittest affair where you go in and lean against a large railing for two or three hours in the hope of seeing your favorite entertainer.

After thinking about it for several minutes I decided that there was not another human being on this earth who I was prepared to do this for and so B and I sat away from the torture railing at a table and drank diet coke and talked. It was nice. Until the first band showed up. Because it’s not enough to make your guests stand for several hours waiting for something to happen. You must also inflict upon them the worst band you can find in the hopes that they will attempt to drown themselves in alcohol which you conveniently provide.

Now this is the interesting part. Because, in order to get your alcohol, you must relinquish your spot on the horizontal pole for a few minutes. I watched a couple of guys go off to the men’s room and their girlfriends just became larger after they went off. They moved apart just enough so that there wasn’t room for anybody else and they actually spread their shoulders wider. You can actually do this. Try it now! See?

It was just the worst kind of territorial behavior and the bang-bang-(louder)-bang band was playing in the background. B just kept praying that each song would be their last but they went on until 9 pm when Grace Potter and the Nocturnals were supposed to play. Someone in the band thanked Grace and the rest for their support which just has to be a lie. So then we had a 20 or 30 minute wait while they set up the stage for the main act. I went over to the line of folks who had been patiently waiting and exhibiting various territorial behaviors to keep other people out for several hours and actually found a small key hole between a girl and a guy where we could see parts of the band. So we stood there and Grace and the Nocturnals came out, sounding like they were not from the same planet as the previous band. Very professional and sounded so good. Grace looked awesome and I was in heaven. I wanted to see her and try to determine how tall she is. Maybe she’s 5’7″? It’s hard to tell when you are looking down on the stage between two people.  But then, I am a little bit in love with Grace so you take what you can get (up to a certain point because the love of my life is here too).

So then the girl on our left decided to step in front of B and against the railing to watch the concert. That was the end of our stay there.  But I really can’t complain too much because she came with a guy who was actually sitting on a stool because he was most likely hurt in a war defending our country. At least that was the way I interpreted the metal leg he wore. And when she did this he put his hand on her butt so at least he was happy.  On the other side of the hall there were privileged folks who had probably paid a lot of money for private seating in a good location. So we couldn’t go over there.

We went downstairs and stood at the back.  B is not very tall so she didn’t see much and after a few more songs we decided to head back to Richmond because of the hurricane.  Grace and the rest are good but on this night they went off into some things that I’m sure they enjoy but are unfamiliar to folks like me who buy their CD’s and actually enjoy those songs. I would say some of what they did was pretentious but they are great musicians and no doubt a lot of folks would not agree with this assessment. B says that bands tend to do this and she had her own band, The Colonists,  for many years so I believe her.  They get tired of playing the same songs thousands of times. And I “would probably do the same thing” she said.

So we drove back to Richmond. We won’t be going back to NorVa anytime soon. It’s time for this old geezer to just buy the best seat he can afford and hope that his restless legs don’t kick in after the first performance. This actually happened at the Kennedy Center a few years ago as the orchestra played and there was absolutely no way to stand up and walk down that long line of seated guests. It was awful and I would have been very happy with survival of the fittest seating on that night.

It was raining fish and chips as we tried to find our way out of Norfolk. B was leading in her car because I’m basically comatose after 9 pm. I didn’t talk any restless legs medicine on this night, however, and there was a chance I could make it back to Richmond in one piece. It stopped raining, thankfully, as we reached the tunnel under the James River and the rest of the journey home was dry roads and pretty good visibility. B has this habit of slowing down below the speed limit which is annoying but otherwise it went well. I wasn’t sure we would make it after all the events of the past few days. But we did and it’s good to be home, safe and sound in the house B said sounded like it was going to blow up a couple of days ago during the earthquake. Well, at least it’s not 13 stories up in the air and the Atlantic Ocean with all its mystery and romance cannot be seen swaying back and forth outside my bedroom window.

At least, not yet.

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