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My Love Tonight


Ring the bell and tell of love
Above the sleeping hamlet,
As joy ascends unto the moon
And angels soon defend it.

But softly that no one may wake
And dreams be interrupted,
My love sleeps there
For her I care

And would not have her started,
Although I’ve lost my way
This night
And wandering imagine,
She has left the marriage bed
And found our moonlit garden.

Oh, damn the rickety device
That holds this bell on high,
And tells us all to silent pray
When we are so resigned.

Needlessly, we turn from grace
And soon we will be gone,
But I would toll my love tonight
And hold her to the dawn.

There Is No Reason

There is no reason
For me
To be away
A few more days, except
To feel the pain
Of missing you.

Last night I dreamed
You were gone
And wandered, crying
In the woods.
Awoke to a lonely room,
An ancient remedy.

Soon I will hurry home
Exhausted. Unable to run
Any longer. Leaving
One I have
Taken for granted
Far behind.

You keep old things
Around, grieving

The loss
Of fond memories,
Worn clothes and me.

I Can See Clearly Now / Carry On Tuesday /


Carry ON Tuesday is a weekly writing opportunity. This week we have a line from a seventies tune, I Can See Clearly Now, by Johnny Nash.

So I started this “thing” and had no idea in the world where it was going (maybe you can tell! aha.). Who knows where these things come from? It’s a lot like dreaming. You think about a dream you had last night and wonder, “Why did I dream that?”

I just started thinking about couples who are miserable. And then there are the news stories when someone decides to burn down their “happy home”. It’s difficult to understand why someone would do this especially when they murder their family members!!

It’s all very depressing to discuss. Writing poetry about it is a lot easier for some reason. So, in this situation, the “loved one” gets away! And the pyro guy has an inkling (before he dies) about the reality of his life.

He can see clearly now! Isn’t that cool? Or hot, maybe, in this case. Ouch. Burning up is one of the worst ways to go! Please drive carefully.


I can see clearly
Through this open door.
But would not glide
Into these moonlit woods.
Without you by my side.

Awaken silven hosts
And take us ere she weeps.
This cannot be the moment
To hesitate or sleep.

For time’s an empty bottle
And thirst is our reward
For daily minding thistles
In our desert bone backyard.

But I can see
This moment.
Angels in the sky!

Take us home together.
As we are one inside!

A candle near the window
Reaches up the wall
The door is wreathed
In flickering light
And echoes of their calls.

Gather up your tresses
My dear and follow me
For now we are delivered
From certain misery!

But when I looked
There was no one
My love had disappeared.
And left me with a raging pyre
In wretched underwear.

So yes, I can see clearly
On this eve of pain,
We come into this world alone
And leave again this way.


Learning How To Kiss


Learning How To Kiss





Our planet flies through space

While lovers embrace

Creating shards of light

Shattering the darkest night.

My dear look down

Upon the stone faced ground.

Gaze upon the fields and mountains

Contemplate the isles that rest

In unrepentant loneliness.

Here for you a golden chain

Put our blue green home upon it

Wear it round your neck enthrone it

Let it roll upon your breast

As galaxies entwine your hair

And falling stars are


Kiss me once and then we fly

Leaving sun and moon behind

Wearing gowns of shifting starlight

Drinking deep celestial wine.

Now I have you in this place

Somewhere deep in endless space.

Teach me how to really kiss

As we merge in endless bliss.

As we play among the heavens

Suddenly I hear a sound

The dog is scratching at the door

Our  child is crying down the hall

Daylight creeps upon the floor

Silently I watch you stir.

And then you speak soft words I keep

“Last night we met someone up there

Who laughed and followed us down here

Before one year is gone  she will

Bring us our joy  fulfilled.”

Outside the grass is growing tall

Business murmurs

Car horns sound.

I must find another job!

Secure the miracle of life

Will bring us safely

Through the night.

Here for you a golden chain

Put our blue green home upon it

Wear it round your neck enthrone it

Let it roll upon your breast

As galaxies entwine your hair

And falling stars are



Diana Krall – Fly me to The Moon



Man’s Eternal Quest/ Sarah Brightman/ Deliver Me/ I Cannot Fly Today

“So the body exists for the use of the invisible man, the soul, not he for the body. However, the physical body must be in a certain condition for the invisible self to remain there. What a pity that this invisible self is tied to the body! If it were not, we could go walking on the water and fly in the sky and come back into the physical body again.” –Man’s Eternal Quest.


I cannot fly today
Yet perhaps last night
We flew between the stars
Who can tell?

Tomorrow will no doubt
Be like today
But not always
Not everlastingly so.
I sew the scenes
Of our escape
While sitting here tonight
Sleepily concealed
In this weighted room
And happily involved
In inward visions
Of eventual flight.

Please pardon
My distraction.
I am so immersed
In a solitary search
For solar satisfaction.


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