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Walking Every Day . . .


2 years later . . .


Curse the age. Drive you body into the ground. Still your thoughts. Remember who you are.

You are a soul and you are beautiful. But this world has eaten your flesh.

He who seeks rest finds boredom. He who seeks work finds rest. ~
Dylan Thomas

Do not go gently into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light. ~
Dylan Thomas

An alcoholic is someone you don’t like who drinks as much as you do. ~
Dylan Thomas

Though lovers be lost love shall not.
~Dylan Thomas

Rise up. Battle with your foe. Even in the darkness of depression you still have a sword. And it is you. I know who you are and I do not believe that you are not great. Don’t be a pussy. Don’t pretend. Arise. The days you have will never end. You might as well get started.

Chris Brown and Rhianna/ Growing Up In Virginia

I don’t really know what’s in Chris Brown’s heart. But it seems to me that he still loves Rhianna. Why do I say that? Well, because Rhianna is an ethereal spirit. And she is beautiful.

It’s very difficult to resist someone like Rhianna. I have trouble doing it and she is just a bunch of digits on a screen. So I can only imagine the problems Chris had in his adventures with her.


Chris grew up in Tappahannock, Virginia which is just down the way from Richmond, Virginia where I live. And, having been there, I can tell you that it is pretty much just a street next to a cool river. And Chris did not enjoy the river like, for example, Huck Finn. It was just there while he tried to develop his musical talent in a room while in the next room his mother was having some problems with her boyfriend.

And Chris is still feeling those problems while Rhianna has moved on.

Women have a decidedly better capacity to endure pain and while Chris did try to inflict it (for whatever reason) upon her he came up short and now we have the result. Chris is in jail and Rhianna is still on top of the world.


Let this be a lesson to all of you who think you can use your physical advantage to make points with a woman! It does not work! Be smart. Try to understand and accept what your woman is trying to tell you. It seems to me that Rhianna loved Chris based on this song. But she cannot deal with his behavior. No one can live with WWIII in the bedroom!

When will Chris understand all of this? Maybe never in this lifetime. It seems like he never bothered to look at the Tappahannock River for any length of time. He turned away from the patience of nature. He lost his soul mate.

Chris, If I was as talented as you and as good looking as you I would be doing a LOT better than you at this point. But then, I had and still have a great father. I don’t see him often but he left indelible impressions on my life. Let’s hope you figure out some of this stuff soon. Being in jail, sucks. It especially sucks when you have made a lot of money.

Why do we seem to make ourselves our own worst enemy sometimes?

Losing Someone You Loved

I will never forget the day I met her. My buddy, Lewis, wanted to hitchhike from Boston to an ocean beach down in Connecticut. He said we should invite his friend, Deb. I do believe he had a crush on her but I had never seen Lewis with a girl throughout our college time together. And I felt that he was probably not going to go out with this one.

So the day arrived for our adventure and we went over to her apartment near Northeastern University, knocked on the door and she opened it. She smiled.

And I felt as if all the angels in the world had just decided to sing to us. It was one of those moments you never forget. We were picked up by a young, hippie couple on the access rode to the highway and headed for the ocean. On the way there we smoked a few joints and enjoyed the adventure. We were all very young and high on life, among other things. Deb had an amazing smile and she was clearly enjoying the day. There was something very magical about her and I was not surprised when we reached the beach and large swaths of it were tinted a dark red by the presence of some sort of tiny sea creature. I was already half in love as we swam together in the warm,dark ocean waters.

It was 1972 and we lived in Boston, a cauldron of revolutionary ideas. Months earlier I had emerged from the subway on Boston Commons during an antiwar riot. Police cars were being set on fire and shop windows smashed. Everyone was running around as I walked to the next subway entrance and decided it was best to stay underground. Timothy Leary had conducted his LSD experiments a few years earlier on our Boston University campus at the Marsh Chapel. Many of my professors abandoned normal grading practices and gave us passing grades so that we could spend less time studying and more time doing what was important, protesting against the war.

For someone who had grown up in the sedate 1950’s it was all radically different and while I would never do any hard drugs I enjoyed an occasional joint or even LSD, its older cousin. Deb and I were inseparable after our first meeting as we tried to make sense out of our relationship in the context of the times and the culture that was all around us. She was an artist, a dancing student at the Boston Conservatory. I was an English major at BU. I thought I might like to be a writer. We were not thinking about having a family and all that this might entail. We were free spirits in a world that seemed to have gone mad.

We decided to get married and found an apartment on Peterborough Street near Fenway Park under the gaze of the Prudential Center. We were both still attending classes and enjoying our young lives. Lewis was still around and we spent time with him. But we really didn’t have a life plan. I can remember one time we took LSD together and went out in our bare feet, laughing and dancing, around the park. The next day I noticed that there was broken glass all over the sidewalk and realized, because our feet were uncut that we had never gone out. On another LSD trip Deb, sitting in front of me, became a goddess. Her eyes were transformed into deep pools of bliss.

We did LSD a few times, probably less than ten, until I realized we were clearly not on the right road if we wanted to have an enduring, married relationship. I found a job after graduating but it was not a good job. Jobs were very scarce in those days. It was a lot like it is now and in a place like Boston, particularly, you were competing with a lot of other young folks.

I loved to watch Deb dance at her school. She was an elfin spirit on stage. And then one day she came home and told me she had dropped out. Her father was paying her tuition and I didn’t understand why she had done this. We hadn’t discussed it. Looking back, I realize that this was the way we were . . . we had a child, a beautiful little girl, Jena. But we never discussed this either. We were caught up in the moment and, eventually, we faltered. We lost our way and a few years later divorced.

Last week, on Valentine’s Day, Deb passed away. It has been 35 years since we were together and she has been in poor health for quite some time. I was out walking this morning when I suddenly felt her presence. We were young again and walking on the beach, laughing and enjoying the sun and the wind. It was as if all the intervening years had never happened. She was here! Beautiful and laughing. Her magic on display.

This happened as I walked up a hill. On the other side is a creek that Deb played in as a child. It is one of the truly amazing coincidences of this life that she lived within a mile as a child from where Betsy and I live now in Virginia. There is no rational reason why this should be. It’s a big country.

It just happens to be true. And I realized that her pain is gone and we are friends again. She wanted me to know this.

There are a few people in our lives who change them, forever. They go with us to heaven, hell and every place in between. Deb and I had that kind of relationship. I’m so relieved now to know that we finally got back to the place where we started. And we can enjoy our ethereal relationship without the constraints of this world. We don’t need to plan any more, Deb.

We can simply be free.

In Memory of
Deborah Slesinger Whealton
February 25, 1952 – February 14, 2014

On February 14, 2014 our beloved wife, mother, sister, and grandmother, Deborah Slesinger Whealton departed this life to go to her heavenly home. She is survived by her husband of 35 years John Whealton, her brother David Slesinger, her children Jena Jordan and her husband Michael, Jeremy Thomas and his wife Sarah, Katie Myer and her husband Chris, Benjamin Whealton and Jacob Whealton, 8 grandchildren; Jordan, Jillian, Charlie, Joya, Kate, Raleigh, Molly, and Elliot.
A memorial Service to celebrate her life will be held at 2:00pm on Sunday, February 23, 2014 at Tikvat Israel Synagogue, located at 2715 Grove Ave. Richmond, VA


Halloween Will Soon Be Here

So I went out walking/running this morning as I usually do and I was thinking about Stephen King and his great novel, The Stand. If you Google a list of Stephen’s novels and try to determine which one is at the top this one comes up on a regular basis. And I have been reading it on the Kindle. Because you can easily read on the Kindle if you are standing up and walking around if you have restless legs. As I do. But thanks to Strattera it is in abeyance and I have hope for the future. Beware, young people, the things that await you in the middle aged world and beyond (if you make it that far).

We are now in October and there are some really nice things coming out on FB. Lots of goolish things. Are you going to a Halloween party? It’s all about your fantasies and good luck with that. Mine have been captured by “The King” lately and so I was out walking and thinking about the dark man in his novel this morning. Yes, I was focusing for a few moments on that close disciple of Satan and then, with a shudder, I continued on down the road and put him out of mind. It was a good walk. The sky is dry and sunny. The temperature was perfect. We got home without any close encounters with cars although several drivers wanted to park along the road and appeared to be trying to run me over for just a second or two.

When I reached home I looked down at the smartphone to turn the stupid thing off and there it was. . . You have walked 6.66 miles in a little over 90 minutes.

I had thought it was a pretty good workout. Until this moment. But had your faithful blogger summoned a response from the dark man? Could it be that he is having a little joke with me?

I hope not. We try to be anonymous as we drive the roads and hike along the mountain paths. We do not worry too much about drivers who are out of their gourds with alcohol or bears that need a next meal, desperately.

But it is October. And Halloween is just around the corner. Rest easy my fellow passengers on the lightship Earth. We will make until Christmas and the birth of our savior. Or, at least, most of us will. . .


Dad And His Kids

me and my kids


Here is a photo of me and my children taken at Zach’s wedding this past weekend. I don’t think the photographer got any photos of the four of us. But this one is fine. Everyone has their eyes open. I will probably write more about the wedding in the future but, for now, I would just like to say that it was a wonderful experience. We are not all together often.

Zachary and Amanda are off on the honeymoon this week. Jeremy and Jena are back to work and raising families. I am back to walking every day and planning events for our meetup group.

Moments like this one are over so quickly. But we have the photos and the memories.

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