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The Struggle With The Slow


I enjoy hiking and backpacking. There is something about being in the woods that you don’t get out here in civilization. It is often very quiet. The alpha dogs and the corporations are not here. There is the wind and the sound of birds. And there is the struggle reaching the next ridge.

Last year I went on a hike to McAfee’s Knob here in Virginia. After about the first five miles I was hiking alone. Everyone else in our great group of Central Virginia Trailblazers had moved ahead to the camping area. But a couple of them came back and took my pack so I pretty much ran to the campsite. You really feel the difference when that load is lifted.

This year we are going to McAfee’s Knob again. And my goal is to do it unaided. I continue to walk nearly every day, 6 or 8 miles. I continue to try and understand my body and its nutritional requirements. I’ve lost a lot of weight but that’s really not the answer. You have to do a lot more than lose weight if you want to climb even these small mountains in Virginia at my age. Water, carbs, and the rest is very important. I’m hoping that this time things will go better.

Being sixty something means something different to me. I look around and see a lot of folks in my age bracket who are slowing down. Relaxing. I never had much of an opportunity to be so active when I was young. Kids and my government job slowed me down. But, as they say, “it’s never too late”.

We shall see. I think that a lot of it depends on what is burning inside you.

And do you ignore it? Do you fall asleep? Or do you take a chance and burn up some miles. Do you get outside and breathe the air. Feel your lungs try to do their thing.

Recently someone we know died after a short illness. He had pulmonary fibrosis. I think about him sometimes when I am hurting as I go up a steep slope. And I thank God for the pain. Because it means this body is still working. It functions as it did decades ago. It just needs more time to do the same thing.

And a little love.

McAfee’s Knob


Walking Every Day . . .


2 years later . . .


Curse the age. Drive you body into the ground. Still your thoughts. Remember who you are.

You are a soul and you are beautiful. But this world has eaten your flesh.

He who seeks rest finds boredom. He who seeks work finds rest. ~
Dylan Thomas

Do not go gently into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light. ~
Dylan Thomas

An alcoholic is someone you don’t like who drinks as much as you do. ~
Dylan Thomas

Though lovers be lost love shall not.
~Dylan Thomas

Rise up. Battle with your foe. Even in the darkness of depression you still have a sword. And it is you. I know who you are and I do not believe that you are not great. Don’t be a pussy. Don’t pretend. Arise. The days you have will never end. You might as well get started.

Chris Brown and Rhianna/ Growing Up In Virginia

I don’t really know what’s in Chris Brown’s heart. But it seems to me that he still loves Rhianna. Why do I say that? Well, because Rhianna is an ethereal spirit. And she is beautiful.

It’s very difficult to resist someone like Rhianna. I have trouble doing it and she is just a bunch of digits on a screen. So I can only imagine the problems Chris had in his adventures with her.


Chris grew up in Tappahannock, Virginia which is just down the way from Richmond, Virginia where I live. And, having been there, I can tell you that it is pretty much just a street next to a cool river. And Chris did not enjoy the river like, for example, Huck Finn. It was just there while he tried to develop his musical talent in a room while in the next room his mother was having some problems with her boyfriend.

And Chris is still feeling those problems while Rhianna has moved on.

Women have a decidedly better capacity to endure pain and while Chris did try to inflict it (for whatever reason) upon her he came up short and now we have the result. Chris is in jail and Rhianna is still on top of the world.


Let this be a lesson to all of you who think you can use your physical advantage to make points with a woman! It does not work! Be smart. Try to understand and accept what your woman is trying to tell you. It seems to me that Rhianna loved Chris based on this song. But she cannot deal with his behavior. No one can live with WWIII in the bedroom!

When will Chris understand all of this? Maybe never in this lifetime. It seems like he never bothered to look at the Tappahannock River for any length of time. He turned away from the patience of nature. He lost his soul mate.

Chris, If I was as talented as you and as good looking as you I would be doing a LOT better than you at this point. But then, I had and still have a great father. I don’t see him often but he left indelible impressions on my life. Let’s hope you figure out some of this stuff soon. Being in jail, sucks. It especially sucks when you have made a lot of money.

Why do we seem to make ourselves our own worst enemy sometimes?

Large UFO eats Malaysia Aircraft In Warning To World About Nuclear Conflict In The Ukraine

First of all, just let me say that UFO’s do exist. And if you don’t believe this is true just go someplace else. Read no further. This post is for readers who understand and accept the notion that the universe is a great big, wide, wonderful place. And there is lots of room in it for other civilizations.

I have seen a UFO. I have talked to people in my small circle of humanity who have seen them. My wife saw one long ago! There are lots of videos of them on YouTube. There are reports of aliens who crashed into our planet and died. They were, of course, carted away by the government for further study. And the government has spared no effort in covering up and denying any knowledge of them.

There are even documents around that explain the rationale of the government in doing this. And I can understand, even sympathize, with their reasoning. Governments need to control their populations. Hobbes would agree. You can’t have millions of people doing their own thing. Not in this world. So the government cannot recognize that there is a greater power with military capacities far superior, UP THERE, doing “it’s” own thing. And who knows what it really wants to do? Maybe it wants to enslave us all? Who can tell?

But that doesn’t mean we can’t recognize the truth. And, as I said, just go somewhere else if you believe Spielburg was just spinning his wheels when he made E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Moving on to the present mystery about the jet that vanished . . .

Millions of folks out there have seen UFO’s. So it makes sense that they are a presence around our planet and they have technology that is very far beyond our own. And some of their spacecraft could clearly be quite large and capable of absorbing a passenger jet. But did this happen to the Malaysia aircraft?

I’m not certain. But I think it’s a strong possibility. And I would like to give you a quote from an interesting book called The PK Man by Jeffrey Mishlove.

Then, on July 22, 1985, Owens sent me a letter threatening the NASA space program once again – specifically the space shuttles. He wrote: There are four space shuttles at NASA . . . Challenger, Atlantis, Discovery and Columbia. As of July 22, my UFO’s were directing destructive powers at these shuttles and the NASA program. Heretofore my UFOs have tried to be compassionate . . . simply destroying major experiments aboard spacecraft. But now time is short . . . they need their UFO base in order to hold back war on Earth . . . help the human race . . . and help the face of Earth itself. So, in order to try to pierce the armor of the bureaucracy blocking the UFO base they intend to attack one or more of the above-mentioned shuttles. They warn that any astronauts going up in these shuttles do so at their own peril, having been fairly warned in advance.

Ted Owens, the subject of Mishlove’s book, sent this letter to the author and on January 28, 1986 the Challenger disaster happened. It was a weather related tragedy that involved freezing temperatures. Weather is something that UFOs apparently manipulate with impunity. It also involved the stupidity of the bureaucracy allowing a launch when the O-rings of the shuttle were unable to do their proper job.

It’s important to remember (and this episode makes clear the point) that a bureaucracy can be a mammoth, stupid thing. Governments are the sum of their parts and we can only hope they guide us in helpful ways. Let’s wonder, for example, about the intelligence level exhibited by planners in Japan who built nuclear power plants a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean and then built a wall around them that was not high enough to stop the surge of ocean waves in a tsunami. Let’s ask a fifth grade student if there are tsunamis in the Pacific Ocean from time to time? “And what will happen if a large wave hits this wall?”

So now we have NATO defending a country that is being split in two by the Russian Federation. There are nuclear forces on each side. It is a tense situation. On the news in the last few days we have seen F-16 fighter jets sent to Poland which shares a long border with the Ukraine. Each side is gearing up militarily to advance its objectives. Each side has a vast array of nuclear weapons.

And suddenly a passenger jet disappears. Could it be that this is a message to the governments of the world? I don’t really know. But I am often quite amazed and thankful that we have survived over 50 years of nuclear proliferation. And I wonder if there has not been another player in this drama which has kept us from destroying ourselves. We do so much enjoy playing with nuclear fire. And we do have such a talent for burning ourselves.

Radar Playback of the moment the aircraft disappeared . . .

Update: It’s several weeks later and still no sign of the jet. Media coverage is getting slow. So can we say the jet has just disappeared?

Can we begin to accept that a UFO, for whatever reason, possibly ATE it?

A Great Movie List / Roger Ebert’s Gift To Us All

I have tried to find good movies to watch in the past by searching for great movie lists and this one didn’t show up on Google. And I was always disappointed by the lists of films I found. They contained a large number of popular movies. Some of them I had seen and many of them I was not interested in viewing.

But the list of movies at RogerEbert.com is different. The very first movie on the list is Departures, a Japanese movie with subtitles. I didn’t read the review preferring to take in the movie without any knowledge about it. And it was a wonderful movie, deeply moving and dealing with subjects that are rarely, if ever, addressed. It is about life and death from the point of view of your average person who has trouble finding a job or making a marital relationship work. I don’t want to say much about it. If you haven’t seen it you really need to dial up Netflix and enjoy a couple hours with it. It starts slowly but builds upon itself in a way that is wonderfully cathartic.

Not all of the movies on this list are available on Netflix. It may be necessary to look around for some of them on Amazon. But it’s worth the effort or the minimal cost to check them out if you enjoy movies that are more than just “entertainment”.


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