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Weekly Photo Challenge / WordPress / Beyond


This week’s photo challenge is to write about a photo that presumably takes the viewer beyond the main subject to “hidden depths”. And while I was out walking with my camera this morning I took this shot of an art gallery at the University of Richmond. I don’t want to speak for other viewers but it takes me to a couple of places. The reflections in the upper windows suggest a sunny morning in winter with trees that have shed their leaves. The lower windows seem to bring us into the gallery where (perhaps) there is a large work of art. I love art galleries so this makes me curious. What have the artists at U of R been doing here? I need to go over there again, soon, and investigate!
I was mainly taking photos this morning of the snow which fell briefly here in Richmond last night. Most of it will probably be gone by 5 pm. So here is a slide show of snow on the University of Richmond campus and the surrounding neighborhood.

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