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If You Could Go Abroad For A Year Where Would You Go?

WordPress Daily Prompt: Study Abroad

Where would you go if you could get away? If you could spend a year abroad would you find a country on the other side of the world? Or would you stay closer to home? I have been few places outside the US and there are fewer of those I would like to see again. But one of them is The Bahamas, the country of more than 3,000 islands, keys and islets. “What’s an islet?” you may ask. It’s a very small island, I guess.

We have been to The Bahamas several times and never grow tired of exploring it on a sailboat (I consider “exploration” to be a great form of study). Here are some photos from our last trip. If you want to get away for awhile and don’t particularly want to learn a new language or be too far from home in case an emergency arises consider this island commonwealth.



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