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If You Could Go Abroad For A Year Where Would You Go?

WordPress Daily Prompt: Study Abroad

Where would you go if you could get away? If you could spend a year abroad would you find a country on the other side of the world? Or would you stay closer to home? I have been few places outside the US and there are fewer of those I would like to see again. But one of them is The Bahamas, the country of more than 3,000 islands, keys and islets. “What’s an islet?” you may ask. It’s a very small island, I guess.

We have been to The Bahamas several times and never grow tired of exploring it on a sailboat (I consider “exploration” to be a great form of study). Here are some photos from our last trip. If you want to get away for awhile and don’t particularly want to learn a new language or be too far from home in case an emergency arises consider this island commonwealth.



Surprise! I’m On Second Base!

My granddaughter, Joy, found herself out on the baseball diamond after her brother, Jordan’s, game. And nobody said a word to her about it! She was free to run the bases and have a good time. I would say she was excited, to say the least. And surprised.

Daily Prompt: Eat To Live or Live to Eat?

Some folks eat to live and others live to eat, what about you? This is the question posed on the Daily Word Prompt at WordPress.  And that’s fine.  I feel a need, however, to shy away from the second part of the prompt.  Because it steers the reader in a certain direction.  It asks, “How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?”

I suppose that if you needed to eat in order to live you might travel a very great distance!  Let’s say you were lost in the woods in the middle of winter.  You would go as far as your legs would take you!  And a drink of water along the way would not hurt either.  If it took several days to reach food you would probably feel it was the best meal you had eaten in awhile!

I must be in the “eat to live”  camp because “living to eat” is not really my thing.  I don’t sit around imaging a roast duck  dripping with fat and calling out my name.  Eating is a necessary process in order to have the energy to do more interesting things than eating.

But what is a good meal, really?  What is food, for that matter?  Lately I have been reading about gluten and the negative effects it can have on the body.   Refined sugar can also be a problem.  There are educated people who consider it to be a poison!  Lists of foods have been created based on their ability to create inflammatory processes in the body.  Sardines are +400 (good!) and mayonnaise is -400 (bad!).  I’m starting to think they should have medical clinics along the back wall of each supermarket in town since they are so interdependent.

How far would I go for healthy food, an actual meal?  Very far.  Literally and figuratively! (see prior word prompt).  Or I would, in fact, stay home and peal some vegetables grown in the back yard that made me feel well.   I’m tired of feeling wired after eating manufactured food.

I bought some gluten free cookies the other day only to discover they contained refined sugar after eating several of them.  So one needs to study the small print on the side of the package before leaving the store.  It requires time and a bit of patience to sort these things out.   As Dr. Oz points out on his website, “Many processed gluten-free foods and gluten-free junk foods not only contain almost twice the calories as their traditional counterparts, but they can also be double the price”

Many diseases common in our day were basically unknown until a couple hundred years ago.  That is 2.5 million years of evolution without a diabetes epidemic.  Galen, the Roman physician, stated that he had seen one or two cases in his career.  When you get to be my age, the gradual accumulation of toxins in the body, will start to cause serious problems.  We all know about the C word.  But there are many other nasty little diseases that may come along.  So let us get some exercise.  Walk the miles every day and find a good meal when we are done.  There really isn’t any other choice if we want to feel well.  Literally.







Plead The Fifth / Daily Prompts WordPress

What questions do you hate to be asked? Why?

This is the Daily Prompt from WordPress.  And today we have a question (see above).  Being married makes it a lot easier to answer this question.  You don’t have to spend a lot of time going through the old memory banks. Although my lovely wife doesn’t ask me uncomfortable questions very often.  But, I suppose, once or twice she has said something like this, “You said you were going to walk every day, lose weight, and get some exercise.” There’s a question in there, believe me.  It’s not stated in that form but it’s there.  The unspoken questions are often the most difficult ones to accept.  “WHEN are you GOING to DO it?”  She didn’t say this and I love her for not saying it. Because she is a gentle person. And my advise (not that you asked for it) is to always marry a gentle person.

In fact, her philosophy is that you cannot change another person.  You cannot really make them change.  You can accept them, love them and hope they will change.

And so, after a few years, I did begin to walk and lose weight.  I am now no longer obese.  I don’t need to go into details because they are all over this blog.  But we have moved on to stage two:  Diet and supplements.

As far as other folks go I can’t really think of any questions I’ve been asked that I “hated”.  It’s fun talking to people.  They do say strange things sometimes.  But so do I!  It’s a wash.  I don’t take most of it seriously.

It would not be fun to be stopped by a policeman and asked “Did you see that stop sign?”.   I would hate that.  We have a policeman living in our neighborhood and he was out in his front yard recently talking to someone (in his uniform).   I came to a stop (a very brief stop) at the stop sign on the other side of the street and noticed him looking at me (intently).  It was over in a second but I said (to myself), ” You know, if you had rolled through that stop sign you would be getting a ticket now”.   He might have asked me why I was breaking the law in front of his house.  I would have hated that!!


So there you go.  Always stop, however briefly, at stop signs.  You never know when uncomfortable questions may be around the next corner. 


stop sign

Photo Friday / Men

I’ve been doing a few photo memes lately. They are always fun and don’t take a lot of creative energy (I’m wiped after the horrific events of the past few days up in New England). This photo is of a man and his son (I presume) doing some climbing with a rope (what’s that called?) near the Appalachian Trail here in Virginia. Watching him teach his son I was impressed by how dangerous this can be if you don’t pay attention to details. You have to be focused.

But these are the things that men, and women, enjoy doing. I can see trying it sometime (with some expert advisers nearby!). But I would have a difficult time because I would be thinking about the equipment. Stuff breaks, after all! I’ve seen it break! And I would not be aware of the history of the equipment that was keeping me from plunging onto the rocks below. I would have to TRUST the people who took care of the equipment (who I probably wouldn’t know very well). And that would be difficult.

So it might be awhile before something like this happens. . .

But I’m still hiking and enjoying nature. And, to a lesser degree, you have to trust the folks you take with you into the woods. And trust the hunters (out there) won’t mistake you for a deer (hopefully). And yourself (pay attention!).






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