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Navy Jet F/A 18 Crashes Near Laskin And Birdneck Rd In Virginia Beach

So a F-18 Hornet fighter jet fell out of the sky today and landed on an apartment complex in Virginia Beach. Hopefully nobody was home at the time.   It landed within walking distance of my son’s home and the homes of many other folks in the area.  The pilots ejected.  I read a report that said one of them was found still strapped into his seat in a state of shock.

Another report indicated that the pilot was getting rid of all the jet fuel before he ejected because it was landing on the people below.  At least it didn’t end up fueling a much bigger explosion when the plane crashed.

It’s a sad day for the people of Virginia Beach and the Navy.  You really hate to see something like this happen.  Here’s  a map of the area.   The letter A is reported to be the location of the Mayfair Mews Apartment Complex where the plane landed.   The only thing that remains of the jet fighter is the tail section which is resting in the middle of the apartment courtyard.

 I’ve taken lots of photos in Virginia Beach.  This is one event I would not want to photograph.  There are many people standing around who may have been evacuated from their homes.  Imagine how they are feeling right now.  A few feet to the right. . .


A Virginia Beach backyard sans jet fighter (thankfully).